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  • The function of elastomeric bearing pad / bridge bearing pads is to accommodate the load of movement caused by deformation of shear and also deformation of rotation on bridge structure.
  • Installation and maintenance of elastomer bearing pad / rubber neoprene bridge pads is very easy because it has been designed in such a way that will provide cost savings.
  • Rubber bumper has the function and basic utility as a tool to protect property from damage caused by impact with vehicle or other equipment.
  • D rubber fender is one kind of rubber fenders / rubber bumpers which are commonly used in various applications such as: tug boat (towboat / tugboat), barges, pilot boat and working boats in the harbour area.
  • Cone rubber fender is widely used for a variety of applications, including in areas that have the quite extreme tidal conditions.
  • Until today, Millable polyurethane elastomers are unsurpassed for high abrasion resistance combined with good tear and oil resistance.
  • Silicone rubber compound is one type of compound rubber and become a practical solution for customers who need to produce silicone rubber product.
  • Viton Ring / Viton O Ring has very good high-temperature performance and an excellent resistance to petroleum products and solvents.
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  • Viton® tubing is resistance to oils and chemicals and very durable for outdoor usage as it is resistance to weather and ozone.
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  • Glue rubber cement is a great rubber adhesive product with natural rubber formula.


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