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Silicone Rubber Compound | Silicon Compound

Silicone rubber compound is one type of compound rubber and become a practical solution for customers who need to produce silicone rubber product. Santo Rubber can provide silicone rubber compound in wide range of colors and compound types depend on customer specification.

Silicone Rubber Compound

Depending on customer needs, silicone compound is provided with various grades / purposes such as food grade silicone (FDA approval), High Temp Silicon, Silicone Extrusion, Silicone Wristbands, Silicone Tubing, silicone rubber with high tear strength, Red silicone rubber and other color of silicone rubber, etc. 

Typically general silicone rubber compound can be used for molding silicone rubber or extrusion silicone. A post cure of silicone rubber compound is recommended to enhance physical silicone rubber products properties. Un-cured silicone rubber compound is also available as per customer requirement.

Other rubber type such as viton ring, viton tubing, and wide range of Viton product are also available. 


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