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Rubber Bumper Function


Rubber bumper has the function and basic utility as a tool to protect various property from possible damage caused by impact with vehicle, object or other equipment. Rubber bumper has a variety of shapes and uses with a variety of raw materials that can be tailored to the needs. The selection and installation of certain types of bumper in the right area / strategic will greatly help reduce the occurrence of damage. Damage may occur due to friction, vibration, shock or even due to collision or impact. With the use of bumper rubber, it will provide cost savings for repair of equipment and walls in an area in case of collision by heavy equipment such as forklifts or other vehicles.

Rubber bumper  Rubber bumper

Here are some types of rubber bumpers that are often needed:

Rubber bumper  Rubber bumper

The above examples are the function and usefulness of bumper rubber to protect the property against friction, vibration, shock and other damage caused by the impact so that savings can be made. Damage that may occur if not using a rubber bumper may cause you to make repairs or replacement of property or equipment.

For additional information on the type and function of other bumper rubber as well as suitable raw materials for rubber bumper, please contact us.

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