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Loading Dock Bumper | Rubber Wall Protector


Loading bumper dock is a wall or vehicle rubber protector that is useful when there is movement of vehicles at a location and when there is loading and unloading of goods in the area of warehousing.

Loading dock bumper serves to:

  • To avoid damage to walls and to vehicles that may be touched
  • As a safety device when there is movement of vehicles or equipment at a location, such as in parking areas, warehouses and other locations, and when loading and unloading of goods from trucks in the warehousing area.

Loading dock bumper | Rubber wall protector  Loading dock bumper | Rubber wall protector

Loading bumper dock is one of the indispensable tools in loading and unloading operations that occur in the warehouse area, at the time of the movement of trucks or trailers docked at the warehouse door to unload or load goods from and into the truck.

Loading bumper docks are manufactured from rubber or elastomeric compounds raw materials which weather-resistant to rain, sunlight and the possibility of contact with chemicals and other fuels derived from vehicles or petroleum products. Among the elastomeric compounds, SBR and EPDM rubber are the best options for making rubber bumpers, and show good resistance to abrasion and are designed to optimally absorb energy which occurs due to a minor collision when the truck or trailer is docked to the wall of the warehouse. Loading bumper dock can be installed easily on the wall area of the warehouse using additional equipment such as anchors, screws and bolts. Costs incurred for the purchase and installation of the loading dock bumper will be cheaper when compared to the result of damage to the truck / wall due to a collision.

Loading dock bumper | Rubber wall protector  Loading dock bumper | Rubber wall protector

Rubber loading dock bumper serves to reduce the impact of excessive damage both on the wall of the warehouse and reduce the effects of damage that may occur on the truck carrying goods to the warehouse.

When loading and unloading, some companies apply the rules to make drivers more careful when closing the vehicle to the wall of the warehouse and there is also the use of auxiliary camera. But even if the process is slowly or cautiously, the impact of a collision must also exist because the truck or trailer must be positioned as close to the wall as possible to facilitate the loading and unloading process. These mild collisions may occur over and over again, causing structural damage to existing concrete or buildings. This will be more severe impact if the collisions that occur have a greater energy and of course damage will occur also on the truck or trailer. All of these things will incur high costs or cause huge losses.

In addition to the rubber wall protector / loading dock bumper, we also manufacture rubber bumpers positioned to be mounted on vehicles such as trucks, trailers and more.

Some models of existing loading dock rubber bumper:

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