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Elastomeric Bearing Pad Material and Installation


Installation and maintenance of elastomer bearing pads / rubber neoprene bridge pads is very easy because it has been designed in such a way that will provide cost savings on the whole installation process and during its lifetime.

Elastomeric bearing pad has been proven successful and widely used in various applications such as bridges, docks, high buildings, stadiums, dams and others.

Elastomeric bearing pad | Bearing pads for bridges  Elastomeric bearing pad | Bearing pads for bridges

In addition to natural rubber, Neoprene is one of the elastomeric type which is used as raw material of rubber bearing bridge. This is because both rubber materials have several advantages compared with other types of raw materials.

The advantages of both types of rubber materials are:

Flexibility and high resistance to the load to be received such as resistance to pressure loads, resistance to temperature or weather, and there are other advantages.

Resilience and other advantages are needed to overcome the vibration, overcome the amount of load arising from the pressure of shear or rotation and to reduce the occurrence of noise. Natural rubber has advantages in physical and mechanical endurance in areas that have not too hot weather, and in areas with high seismic activity conditions, while Neoprene's superiority is resistant to ozone exposure and oil contamination.

Elastomeric bearing pad | Bearing pads for bridges  Elastomeric bearing pad | Bearing pads for bridges

Besides being used on bridges and docks, Elastomeric bearing pads are also needed to prevent structural failures in building construction especially in earthquake-prone areas.

Using high quality elastomer materials and combined with the knowledge and expertise for molding techniques make Elastomeric Bearing Pads manufactured by Santo Rubber very durable and reliable.

Elastomeric bearing pad | Bearing pads for bridges

The term elastomeric bearing pads is also known as rubber bearings, bridge pads, bridge bearing neoprene, or rubber pads.

Please contact us for more information about elastomer bearing pads / rubber bridge pads.  

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