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Elastomeric Bearing Pad Function | Bridge Bearing Pads


The function of elastomeric bearing pad / bridge bearing pads is to accommodate the load of movement caused by deformation of shear and also deformation of rotation on bridge structure. Elastomeric Bearing Pad / bridge bearing pads provide a sizable budget savings solution because in addition to its ability to overcome the problems on the movement of the structure, longitudinal, transversal, small rotation, and isolate the vibration, this product is also very easy to install and relatively no maintenance during its useful life.

Elastomeric bearing pad function | Bridge bearing pads  Elastomeric bearing pad function | Bridge bearing pads

Elastomeric bearing pads consist of a number of layers of rubber separated by steel plate and sometimes there are also made of intact rubber. Santo Rubber has experienced and ready to produce elastomeric bearing pads / bridge bearing pads. This bridge bearing pad is generally produced by using neoprene elastomer raw material, but can also be produced using other kind of raw materials like natural rubber according to customer's order, but still refers to predetermined standard and all of our products have passed the process of strict quality testing so that produce the right products with the highest possible quality.

Why use Elastomer Bearing Pads / Neoprene Bearing Pad on bridge construction projects and other building types?

A bridge, dock or other type of building that functions similarly, has great potential damage caused by the following: 

  • The presence of exposure caused by sunlight
  • movement or vibration caused by the vehicle passing through it
  • the process of loading vehicles into ships that pass through the dock
  • earthquake
  • as well as some other conditions that may occur

To overcome these problems it is necessary to have Elastomeric Bearing Pads / Neoprene Bearing Pad to avoid the occurrence of severe damage.

Elastomeric bearing pad function | Bridge bearing pads  Elastomeric bearing pad function | Bridge bearing pads

By accommodating all of these movements, the reaction and flexural forces of motion arising can be overcome in accordance with the limits of the safety of the structure. The use of Neoprene and natural rubber as a raw material in the manufacture of Elastomeric Bearing Pads is the most ideal choice of raw materials because it has very elastic properties and has sufficient flexibility to accommodate all movements and avoid the possibility of dangerous pressure transmission and will also absorb and isolate energy arising from the impact of existing vibrations.

Elastomeric bearing pad function | Bridge bearing pads

Please contact Santo Rubber to discuss or get more details about Elastomeric Bearing Pads / Neoprene Bearing Pad.

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