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Cone Rubber Fender 


Cone rubber fender is widely used for various application, including in areas that have the quite extreme tidal conditions.
Cone rubber fender is a modern type of rubber fender. One of the advantages of cone type rubber fender design is its shape which led to easier handling process during installation compare to other types of rubber fenders. This is of course would reduce the overall cost of the project. Because of its geometric shape, cone rubber fender can withstand to greater loads and can also absorb more impact energy received from any direction.
When installing cone rubber fender, a large fender panel which is commonly known as the frontal frame is usually added. This panel was added to distribute more reaction force from collisions that may occur. Because the larger panel size is used, then the pressure on the hull will be lower.
Cone rubber fender has a cone-like tapered shape, made of high quality rubber compound and has a steel frame inside the head.
With this cone rubber fender structure design, the collision that the object encounters will be reduced hence decreases the swing caused by the collision.
The use of cone rubber fender will simplify the pier structure design and also reduce the overall cost of the the pier structure construction.
So we can conclude that this cone rubber fender is one of the best rubber fenders and can be used as a substitute for super cell rubber fender.
Cone dock rubber fender is suitable for use on several piers as follows:

  • docks that require low reaction force but requires a high energy absorption
  • dock requiring low surface pressure on the hull panel
  • open docks on offshore
  • large dock such as oil dock, container terminal
  • all docks that are suitable for the use of super cell rubber fender as cone rubber fender can replace it

In addition to cone rubber fender, there are several other rubber fender types as follows:

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