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Rubber Bumpers as Vibration and Noise Dampers


Rubber bumper can act as vibration and noise dampers.

Since the rubber bumper is an excellent vibration and noise damper, it is one of the great solutions to reduce the adverse effects or reduce the excessive vibration generated by big equipment which ia commonly found in existing factories or large industries.

Rubber bumper | Anti vibration damper  Rubber bumper | Anti vibration damper  Rubber bumper | Anti vibration damper

Even for some severe cases, the vibrations generated by industrial machinery can cause damage to the floor as well as to the machines themselves. This can happen because of the very loud vibrations that occur and also the concrete floor as the base of the machine made of hard iron is also hard. The occurrence of repeated collisions caused by engine vibration will result in hard concrete floors and hard engine bodies will hit each other and gradually will certainly result in severe damage.

In addition to being useful in equipping large industries as anti-vibration equipment, rubber bumper are also useful for home furnishings. This can be seen in some products such as rubber bumper or pads for washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, rubber bumper or sporting pads such as treadmill and there are other types of equipment. In an apartment with many storey floors, this product is necessary to reduce the effects of vibration and noise that is much greater and very disturbing apartment occupants caused by household appliances or sports equipment.

The type and shape of rubber bumper can be adjusted to the shape and size of the foundation / legs of the machine / equipment. Rubber bumper in the form of rubber sheet can be applied directly in the form of whole sheets or can also be cut in accordance with the shape and size needed.

Rubber bumper | Anti vibration damper  Rubber bumper | Anti vibration damper  Rubber bumper | Anti vibration damper

In addition to the various sizes, rubber sheets are also present in various thicknesses. For heavy equipment such as industrial machines, it would be more appropriate to use thicker and harder rubber bumper, which would be useful for absorbing the vibrations as much as possible. The type of rubber bumper can also be distinguished from the use of rubber raw materials ranging from natural rubber to synthetic rubber. The synthetic rubber properties that have different advantages can be selected as needed. By using synthetic rubber which has the best tensile and shear resistance, the rubber bumper function can last for a long time.

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