Rubber Product 

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Rubber Product Manufacturer of Rubber Fender, Rubber Bumper, Rubber Lining, Rubber Product for Construction, Silicone Rubber and Viton Rubber


Rubber product manufacturer in Indonesia, Santo Rubber produce many kinds of rubber products such as rubber fender, rubber bumper, rubber lining, rubber product for construction (elastomer bearing pads, bridge expansion joint),  silicon rubber, millable polyurethane elastomers, viton rubber.

Rubber Products can be differentiated by various rubber types and usage of each rubber types which will depend on customer’s requirement.   

Square rubber fender D rubber fender V rubber fender

Rubber fender that can be produced:

·         Super cell rubber fender

·         Cone rubber fender

·         V rubber fender

·         Cylindrical rubber fender

·         A rubber fender 

·         D rubber fender

·         Square rubber fender


rubber bumper / rubber fender rubber bumper / rubber fender rubber bumper / rubber fender

Rubber bumper that can be produced:

  • rubber bumper / rubber fender for loading dock usually installed at warehouse area  
  • rubber bumper for rack area or stacks of pallets at warehouses
  • rubber bumper for furniture (rubber foot for table and chair) 
  • rubber bumper on big vehicles / truck bumper 
  • rubber bumper at shops area / supermarket is very useful to prevent any damage caused by stroller and other objects 
  • rubber bumper at parking areas 

Rubber lined Lining on site Rubber lined

Available rubber lining process that can be applied:

  • Rubber lined pipe
  • Rubber lined tank
  • Rubber lining on boat, valve
  • Rubber lining on ball mill, vibrating bowl, machine table, propeller / agitator, roller

elastomer bearing pads  elastomer bearing pads  elastomer bearing pads

Rubber construction that can be produced:

  • elastomer bearing pads
  • bridge expansion joint

Rubber Band | Wristband Theeter Silicone Tube

Silicon rubber product include silicon rubber band / wristband, silicone tube, silicon seal, many kinds of silicon extrusion product, silicon rubber food grade, silicon rubber compound and other silicon rubber product.


Rubber Viton | Oring Rubber Viton Rubber Viton | Oring


Rubber Viton product include Viton cord, Viton rod, Viton Oring, Viton tube, Viton gasket, and rubber Viton product.


Silicone Tube

V type rubber fender | dock fender | marine fender


rubber safety mat with holes